How Virtual Meetings Are Reshaping Corporate Governance

The modern world is changing rapidly, and successful businesses can only recover if they make the right decisions. A successful business must keep its finger on the pulse of the times and monitor all modern trends, as well as respond to the paradigm shift.

High-quality communication between employees, managers, and directors should be as fast, convenient, and effective as possible. Previously, the classical method could be effective, but in the era of globalization, it cannot win the competition. This approach could be better due to various factors.

  • Remote working. Thanks to modern technologies, companies can hire remote managers or outsource various tasks (accounting, software, etc.). Virtual board software allows you to solve this problem and make collaboration more effective.
  • Other factors. You can also pay attention to various force majeure circumstances (natural disasters, pandemics, etc.) that do not allow the company to operate in a traditional format.

The modern world offers a solution to these problems. Today, digital corporate governance is becoming popular, where the most advanced technologies and solutions are used. Thanks to this, the company can function effectively even with remote management, despite obstacles. Moreover, all decisions will be made jointly, and commands will be given correctly, which will have a positive impact on productivity.

The Rise of Virtual Meeting Platforms in Business

Virtual meeting platforms began to be developed in the early 00s when programmers noticed a promising direction. A couple of years later, programs such as BoarPad, BoardEffect, or Boarvantage began to appear. Time passed, traffic became more accessible, and the functionality made it possible to offer new tools. Programs were constantly changing, receiving updates, and becoming more convenient. However, they were more often used for business and only in some places.

Global changes occurred in 2020 as the world felt the effects of the pandemic. The government closed schools and kindergartens, and employees began to use virtual meeting platforms most actively. Statistics show that in the US, the number of Microsoft Teams and Zoom Case Studies customers has grown by 1000%.

At the same time, attitudes towards virtual meetings and planning changed dramatically. For example, about half (47%) of people now find virtual meetings more productive. Moreover, meetings in virtual rooms like Webex can be perfectly planned, and all the necessary materials can be quickly prepared. This allows you to increase business productivity and make it more efficient.

Also, various agencies have studied user attitudes toward virtual meetings on Zoom and other virtual boards. The future of business lies in holding such meetings and using all the functionality of the programs.

Dynamics and Efficiency: Virtual Meetings vs Traditional

Business does not like rash or thoughtless decisions that can reduce efficiency and lead to losses. Modern technologies can solve many problems and have many advantages. Let’s talk about the comparison between virtual vs traditional meetings.

  • The problem of distances. Today, some employees prefer to work remotely. This was most relevant during the pandemic, but this approach is actively used in large corporations such as Twitter and Square (which have transitioned to a more virtual mode of operation). Thanks to virtual boards, you can bring everyone together for a meeting, regardless of distance.
  • Flexible schedule. A virtual meeting can be scheduled and implemented within minutes. You don’t need to rent space or tools.
  • Additional functions. Virtual board rooms offer users a wide variety of functions. For example, participants can make notes on documents, and the administrator can set the access level. Moreover, some modern technologies make it possible to provide simultaneous translation, thanks to which it is possible to hold meetings with representatives of other linguistic cultures.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. Renting premises for storing paper documents, installing a fire safety system, paying for security, and an archivist are additional expense items. You can avoid them if you use virtual boars and cloud storage.

As you can see, modern technology and virtual meetings have many advantages over traditional meetings. We can confidently say that this is the future of successful businesses and effective companies.

Ensuring Data Security in Digital Governance

Information is a valuable resource that helps you beat the competition. Knowing the enemy’s plans allows you to take effective steps and reduce risks. It’s no surprise that protecting confidential information is one of the top priorities when designing virtual board rooms. Segment leaders use the most modern programs and offer optimal conditions.

We want to point out some important OnBoard security features. This program allows you to set up a two-factor authentication option, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access. Also, the application uses modern SSL protocols with dynamic code. Such encryption is almost impossible to crack, which means that a hacker will not have access to cloud storage and confidential documents.

Also, there is a wide list of Boardable’s security measures, where the administrator has many indispensable rights. For example, he can set the level of access to documents for each participant. Some users will be able to edit important documents, while others will only be able to read and leave personal notes. Also, each program has multi-stage burglary protection systems and can apply hidden watermarks. Thanks to this responsible approach, clients can be assured of a high level of confidentiality of essential information.


The world is changing every day, and new technology trends are emerging. Modern systems make it possible to provide quick and secure access to all significant documents, eliminate the problem of distances, and eliminate the risk of incorrect communication. Progress will continue, and new technologies will soon appear. Remember that it is critical to follow new products and understand the trend and future trajectory. This knowledge will help introduce timely innovations into the business, increase the level of security, and increase the quality of communication and employee efficiency. Find out the latest news because this is the right path to optimal governance, and we will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the times.

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