Ensuring Data Privacy with Board Portal Solutions

Data privacy is one of the key aspects for the effective functioning of the company. Today, many companies use digital technologies and board management to convey orders quickly, discuss various situations, and exchange information. Moreover, there are many programs on the market with wide functionality and user-friendly interface. A good manager will carefully analyze the available board portal solutions and choose the best option that ensures productivity and privacy. In our review, we want to talk about the main aspects affecting the safety and security of data.

Top Board Portal Software: An Overview

Modern technologies and virtual boards are indispensable tools for the effective functioning of a company. Such programs have many important advantages that increase efficiency and solve many problems. For example, you can eliminate distances and hold meetings even with managers working remotely or quickly send the necessary documents. Also, this essential information must be reliably protected, so you need to select a program that guarantees a high level of security. We want to talk about several options worthy of your attention.

  • Diligent Boards. This is a convenient content management tool that allows you to effectively manage digital resources, edit and edit documents, and make planning. More than 5,000 large companies around the world actively use this tool. This is no coincidence because Diligent Boards, besides good functionality, also provide a high degree of protection against hacking. The company pays much attention to security and uses the most modern systems. The Diligent Board’s protocols are ISO 27001 certified, and all internal processes are subject to regular reviews and audits. The program is SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (SOC 1 Type 2) compliant and has nine years of market presence to back up the experience.
  • OnBoard. Another excellent solution for high-quality document management and organizing meetings of directors. The owner company was founded in 2003 and has 20 years of experience in this segment. Today, the OnBoard virtual product is used by numerous companies in higher education, healthcare, finance, etc. This success was made possible thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, as well as a high level of security. The program offers many useful features, including disaster recovery, remote wipe, two-factor authentication, 4096-bit RSA encryption, etc. Moreover, the system has great hacking protection and complies with GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HIPAA requirements.
  • BoardEffect. This is a product of an Australian developer, introduced back in 2009. The program became successful, so in 2016, it was acquired by Diligent Corporation, which brought the virtual board to new markets. Statistics show that more than 40,000 companies actively use this software, which allows them to create and distribute digital materials, conduct online meetings, and make important decisions. Moreover, such an exchange will be secure because the administrator can set the access level, and all logins to the system can be seen in a special report. Also, the program uses modern anti-hacking systems that eliminate the risk of a hacker attack.

You can analyze each program and choose the most suitable option. Moreover, all providers offer a special trial period, so you don’t have to buy every product.

Key Features of Board Portals that Ensure Data Privacy

Hackers are common on the Internet, and they are also improving their skills. They use newer and more advanced programs to access various information. This could be bank accounts, audit trails, company information, etc. This is why confidential information must be securely protected. Modern virtual board solutions provide the maximum level of resistance to hackers and use various tools.

  • End-to-end and dynamic encryption. Every meeting, document, and decision is encrypted using SSL protocols. These protocols have a dynamic structure that is almost impossible to predict or decipher without knowing the keys. A hacker cannot access information encrypted using this method.
  • Robust security measures. Use single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication, and password settings to protect your data. Moreover, the program keeps records of users who received access, time of visit, and other details. Thanks to this, the administrator can monitor the activity of participants and analyze their actions.
  • Role-based access. A handy tool that allows an administrator to assign rights to different users or restrict their access. Someone can view the document, and someone can edit and share it. Also, tools administrators such as BoardEffect can create invisible data folders on a rented server. Such information will only be visible to authorized and approved members.
  • Backup. High-quality programs provide a backup of data stored on the server. You can restore documents even in any failures or unforeseen situations.
  • Watermarks. Some programs, such as Diligent Boards, allow you to add hidden watermarks to corporate documents, graphics, or videos. In this case, you will be able to prove authorship and infringement of rights in the event of a leak.

As you can see, modern systems provide a high level of protection and guarantee secure messaging among participants. Look for additional features and unique options when choosing the right tool.


In the modern world, effective board management is only possible with high-quality digital programs. The Internet gives us great opportunities, but we must use them correctly and safely. Leakage of important data and violation of confidentiality can cause moral and financial harm to the corporation. That is why board portal selection should be as balanced and thoughtful as possible.

We recommend paying attention to each product and conducting additional analysis. Please pay attention to the availability of certificates, compliance with modern data privacy requirements, etc. A balanced and correct decision will help make communication effective and business successful.

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