Amplifying youth voices.
Transforming Democracy.


Collective Action

Students learn by doing in authentic civic venues. Not a new idea, Action Civics builds on the project-based, democratic learning philosophies established by John Dewey and Jane Addams.

Youth Voice

MC_9_Civics Fair Wellness teamIMG_9815Youth voice is deeply valued and widely-incorporated in our work. Young people rarely get the opportunity to say what they believe in, or give their solutions on issues in their communities.  Ironically, they are also often left out of conversations on issues affecting them and their communities. We think young people should be given the opportunity to share what they know, and play an active role in the decision-making around issues that affect them, their peers and communities.

Youth Expertise

MC_1_Alex_on_FOX_NewsKnowledge, perspectives, and concerns of youth guide our work. Young people have unique perspectives on their communities, and know more about the issues in their schools and neighborhoods than many adults.  Programs that tap into youth expertise and provide opportunities for young people to share their knowledge with decision-makers empower youth and can deepen and energize public policy debates.


Youth reflection and analysis are central to the process. Through a reflective learning practice, young people are able to obtain