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Mission & Strategy

Mission Statement

NACC’s mission is to close the civic engagement gap by implementing Action Civics—student- centered, project-based, high-quality civics education—as a critical component in every school and youth organization throughout the country.  Our ultimate vision is that all young people are prepared to be active and informed citizens.

NACC members aim to

  • Collaborate across member organizations to strengthen, refine, fund and grow our work through in-person conferences and via online/phone communications.
  • Promote and expand the practice of Action Civics, both within the civics education movement, and the larger education reform space
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of Action Civics in increasing student civic knowledge, skills, and motivation, thereby decreasing the civic engagement gap
  • Train interested institutions, educators, and citizens in the philosophy, practice, and outcomes of Action Civics.

Action Civics Declaration

In 2010, NACC members wrote a declaration of Action Civics outlining the great challenge of closing the civic empowerment gap and their strategy to re-define civic education such that all youth have access to experiential-based learning in which they have power in the systems that affect their lives. Read the full declaration here.

Governance Strategy

From 2010-2013, NACC has consisted of the six founding organizations and several research partners. It now is hoping to expand its membership to welcome other organizations and practitioners who ascribe to the Action Civics approach.

To officially join NACC, please visit our join the movement page.

To learn more about the particulars of NACC’s governance structure., click here.