Amplifying youth voices.
Transforming Democracy.

NACC is a collaboration of organizations, not an individual entity. Designated organizations will be approved by the entire collaborative.

NACC will not pursue its own 501c(3) tax exemption organization at this time.  If necessary, individual organizations will work as fiscal agents. We hope to continue to grow, integrating more organizations and educators in our leadership.

Until January 2016, NACC will be governed by an Executive Committee comprised of Executive Directors of founding organizations. The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Holding bi-monthly meetings
  • Finding and supervising any relevant consultants
  • Organizing and holding an annual conference
  • Determining overall strategy for the collaborative
  • Voting in new organizations

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will consist of the NACC founders until December 2015.  In 2015, a new 8 member executive committee will be selected by vote of all the NACC members.  Four positions will be allocated towards not for profit organization leaders and four towards individual member educators.  Terms will always occur on a three-year basis.  Each NACC organization or member will have one vote to select new Executive Committee members.